Family Time


Did you know children are over five times more likely to exercise if their parents are active?

Children who participate in regular exercise earn better grades, are less prone to depression, are less likely to break bones, and overall are healthier. As parents our job is to set the basic foundations of life and teach our children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Exercising with your children will not only teach them how to live healthy but it is also a great way to spend family time together.  The next time you are heading to the gym, take your children with you.The next time you think about skipping the gym, don’t. Instead, take the time to show your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle and exercise with your children.

CrossFit Athletes’s Arena has always been a family oriented establishment. We encourage our members to include their families in their exercise routine because we feel it will not only teach children a valuable lesson but that it will also reinforce the family bond.

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