CrossFit is for everyone.

It appeals to those simply interested in general fitness to elite athletes,
because it offers:

Variety & challenge

CrossFit exercises are comprised of varied, functional movements that replicate real life movements  such as pushing, pulling, lifting, and squatting. These movements can be classified into three categories: (1) gymnastics (pull-ups; push-ups); (2) metabolic conditioning (jump rope; rowing) and, (3) weightlifting (power and Olympic lifting). All of these movements are essential to fitness and every day life. To be fit and physically competent to handle all of the challenges in life is no small endeavor.

Our exercises can be modified for each individual's abilities in every class.

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Crossfit Education


Our coaches and athletes are committed to help you become a fitter and healthier person by teaching you about:

  • Movement - How to move safely and effectively.
  • Fitness - What it means to be fit. Its definition, the supporting theories, and how to go about attaining it in real life.
  • Nutrition - Eat meat & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat.


CrossFit is also about community, and Athlete's Arena has a strong community spirit.

Whether you are a teacher, housewife, engineer, hunter or mountain bike rider, let CrossFit Athlete's Arena help you meet your fitness goals. Call today and learn more about what our program has to offer you 803.750.9036 or contact us via email.

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