CAA Open Results

Shane Muscle Up with Jeffrey

Another CrossFit Open in the books and another amazing Open this year at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena.

Every Thursday night for five weeks, a new workout was released, and they were tough!   During the Open this year, we saw so many of our members work harder than they thought they could, attempt and achieve new things, while being smart about form, scaling and limitations. We also saw personal growth in our members during this year’s Open and a lot of personal records set!

We love the energy the Open brings to our CAA community. The cheering on and the camaraderie are nothing short of inspirational and this year was no exception! Thank you to those members who cheered every rep and encouraged others not to give up but to dig in and give it all they had. That’s what our community is all about – encouragement & support. For those who did not sign up for the Open, we encourage you to participate in whatever form you can next year.

Now for he winners of CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s Open:

Best Male Overall: Kenley

Best Female Overall: Jackie

Best Teen Overall: Bryson

 Thanks to all of our members who participated in the Open this year. A big thanks to our coaches who took the time to get their judge’s certificate so our members could participate in the WODs in an official capacity. We had a wonderful Open this year!