Childhood Obesity & Life Lessons

We, as parents, are responsible for teaching our kids life lessons. One of those life lessons we want to have stick with our kids for the rest of their lives is a healthy lifestyle.

Childhood eating habits are tough to break and they often stick with people for the rest of their lives. This article sheds light on childhood obesity and junk food. Kids who drink soda, eat processed foods and high-calorie foods develop a taste for these products into adulthood, which tends to promote weight gain. Watching TV and playing video games is what most kids do after school (after homework, of course), rather than being active. This may lead to a sedentary future and obesity when they are adults.

It’s important to teach our kids a healthy lifestyle and to encourage them to be active. It’s also important to be weary of modern day life issues that tend to promote weight gain in our kids, such as lack of sleep and lack of time. Children need their sleep. In fact, we all need our sleep. Without sufficient sleep we are likely to gain weight. Make sure your kids are getting adequate sleep. As for time, in most households both parents work and that makes it difficult to shop and prepare a healthy family meal – it’s less time consuming to pick up fast food. It’s important to plan ahead and take time to prepare a healthy family meal.

Spend time teaching your kids a healthy lifestyle by promoting in your household healthy eating & sleeping habits. Take time to go to the grocery store and plan for healthy meals. Be active as a family or, at the very least, get your kids out of in front of the TV and away from video games. They should be outside riding a bike or shooting hoops or you can bring them to CrossFit Athlete’s Arena and they can join our CrossFit for Teens program. These are the life lessons we want to have stick with our kids for the rest of their lives.