Become a Weekend Exerciser

Barbell - One Foot

It’s Saturday morning. While you may naturally be a morning exercise person Monday-Friday, becoming a weekend exerciser can be a tall order. Exercise that is boring will not get you out of bed on Saturday morning. At CrossFit Athlete’s Arena, our Saturday morning WODs (workout of the day) are anything but boring – they are challenging and worth launching yourself out of bed for!

Our Saturday WODs are generally a full body workout and they are challenging. They involve various strength-training exercises that will keep your muscles working the entire time. Full body workouts can directly burn more calories during and after workouts and place greater metabolic demands on your body, both of which promote increased fat loss. It’s a great way to lose fat, build lean muscle and get stronger! Plus, our workouts are constantly challenging the body and mind. They are packed full of variations of the most basic movements such as squat, press and deadlift at a high intensity to achieve maximal response from the body. You will feel the satisfaction of launching yourself of out bed on Saturday morning and challenging yourself after a Saturday morning workout at CAA!

We have CrossFit classes at 8AM and 10AM.

Become a weekend exerciser! Launch yourself out of bed and get into CrossFit Athlete’s Arena for a Saturday WOD!