Let's Do This! Power Clean Progression.

Brian Hardy and Jeffrey Demonstrating Power Clean

Power Cleans require explosive hip and shoulder strength, along with total body coordination. This Olympic lift is technical and builds strength and full body power.

Because this lift is technical, it will take practice and a period of time to master. Performing this lift using incorrect technique can lead to injury so it is important to make sure and practice the correct form and technique until you “get it”.

The Coaches at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena take some of its members through power clean progression to watch their technique and correct their form from some of the most common mistakes made in performing this lift. Again, not performing this lift properly could possibly lead to injury so until you “get it” you should not add weight.

A Power Clean can be broken down into 4 positions: (1) Starting position – shoulders over the bar with flat heels and back with feet shoulder width apart (2) Initial pull – shoulders lift with the hips and the bar stays close to the shins (3) Second pull – pull the bar close to the thighs while hyperextending your hips (forcefully jump) and shrug to get the bar moving upward while moving your elbows up and outward, all at the same time so that the bar pops high off the thighs (4) Catch – keep elbows high and pointing toward the wall and pull yourself under the bar by setting the hips back to gather the weight and to control the catch on the fronts of your shoulders.

Once you are comfortable with each position, then you can add weight and begin experimenting with weight that challenges you.

The Power Clean is a fun lift to do. Take your time getting set up for the lift and practice, practice, practice. Now, let’s do this!