Crazy Hats, Fake Mustaches & a Funky Wig!

We had so much fun celebrating Athlete’s Arena’s 10-Year Anniversary that could not go through the weekend without sharing just a few of our favorite photos from the celebration.

Members of AA and their children tried on crazy hats, fake mustaches, vampire teeth, feather boas, and sunglasses and had their photo taken.  Jamison was even brave enough to put on a funky wig! We think the members had just as much fun as their children!

We posted these photos with the sole purpose of putting a smile on our members’ faces as they head into the weekend. It’s been a tough week at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena and all of our Crossfitters put in a lot of hard work and effort and finished the week strong!  Staying fit and healthy doesn’t happen without hard work and effort and when we know our members are making their health and well-being a priority, we can’t help but smile! 

Reminder that CrossFit Athlete’s Arena has 8AM and 10AM classes on Saturday. We hope to see you tomorrow at the gym. Bring a friend and share the CrossFit experience!  Being around our members who are motivated and supportive may just put a smile on their face!