It's TBT

It’s Thowback Thursday at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena. #throwbackthursday

CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s CrossFit program began in 2008 under the leadership of Coach Shane Miller. In February 2013, we made the move to The Plex Irmo becuase our program was growing and we needed a larger facility. Moving was hard work and we appreciate all who helped with the move!

We’ve worked hard to build CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s presence in Columbia. We are growing, expanding and sharing our knowledge and passion with more and more members each year. While all of this is happening and we are growing, CrossFit Athlete’s Arena is still staying true to our commitment to provide excellent CrossFit training services and to continue to motivate our members to excel and to reach their health and fitness goals. We will always stay true to our core value – to create a Community that our coaches and members are proud to associate with.

Thanks to all of our members who have been members of CrossFit Athlete’s Arena over the many years!

(h/t to Josh Ortegon for the photo and for helping build Athlete’s Arena and it’s Community)