Sorinex's December Challenge – #deadcember

Sorinex DeadCember

It’s Sorinex’s December Challenge #Deadcember!

The creation of Deadcember came from the President of Sorinex Exercise Equipment, Bert Sorin, and it’s a tribute to Deadlifting. It’s a challenge to get out and deadlift a little more than you would usually do.

Our CrossFit members at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena have a fondness for deadlift days. When you deadlift, you use just about every muscle in your body – your arms, forearms, shoulders, traps, legs, back and core. It’s a true full body movement and it will dramatically improve your everyday life movements. From picking up your child off of the floor to doing yard work, you are using muscles developed from deadlifting and possibly avoiding injury while doing them.

We found a great podcast of Bert Sorin and Motivation and Muscle talk about the creation of Squatober (Sorinex’s October challenge) and Deadcember. It’s informative. Give it a listen!

So, let’s get this party started! Get under the bar and lift heavy! Load up on the weights and get pulling for #deadcember!

Tag us with your video or photo of your #deadcember lift, and if you haven’t picked up one of one of Sorinex’s limited edition t-shirts, order your Sorinex DeadCember t-shirt today!