Athlete's Arena and Coach Jason have been nominated as the Best in 2016 by The State

Athlete’s Arena and Coach Jason have been nominated as Best 2016 and we are counting on you to help them win.

Thanks to all who nominated Athlete’s Arena for Best Fitness Center and Coach Jason Brunson for Best Personal Trainer in The State’s Best 2016. Now, help AA and Coach Jason win by clicking here and voting!

How can you help? Please vote today and everyday until the end of voting on September 11.

As many of you know, Athlete’s Arena has been around for almost 11 years and we are proud to be associated with them and for their nomination as Best 2016! They’ve worked hard to build a presence in Columbia and to share their knowledge and passion with each and every one of their athletes and clients. They’ve worked hard to support our CrossFit program and the community at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena.

We can’t say enough about Coach Jason. He does an exceptional job with Athlete’s Arena’s sports performance program and with all of the clients he personally trains. He understands the value and quality of strength and conditioning.  He is passionate about working with young athletes and having them recognize and reach their full potential. He is focused on helping his clients work toward their fitness goals and make positive changes both big and small to maintain lasting health. And, we sometimes get the opportunity to see him in action when he joins in on one of our CrossFit classes. He is a BEAST!

You have to vote in at least 30 categories for your ballot to count. In case you need help in fulfilling your 30 categories, we would love for you to show your support of just some of the people we work with and who are like family and are friends. Here are just a few suggestions:

Best Physical Therapists: Vertex PT Specialists
Best Roofer: Lakeside Construction of Columbia, LLC
Best Law Firm: McWhirter Bellinger & Associates, P.A. – Personal Injury Attorneys
Best Bakery:Blue Flour Bakery
Best Pediatric Practice: Pediatric Associates
Best Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Donen Davis – Donen Davis Plastic Surgery

 Let your friends know you support Athlete’s Arena and Coach Jason and take a moment to cast your vote.

Congratulations, Athlete’s Arena and Coach Jason Brunson. You have our vote for being Best 2016!