A Worthy Salad for Your Thanksgiving Table? Yes!

A worthy salad for your Thanksgiving table? Yes!

A time honored Thanksgiving salad doesn’t get any better than this, folks! It’s a Thanksgiving salad worthy of any CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s member’s table and it looks festively tasty!

A salad makes a perfect starter or side dish to accompany all the heavier dishes of a Thanksgiving feast, and while it’s never going to get the pre-Thanksgiving hype, this recipe may just get voted “top rated” by your guests. It looks incredibly delicious and festively taste! Plus, it likely will travel well and seems it is simple to make especially if you purchase a bottle of dressing!

While the turkey may be the main event, offer a variety of side dishes or bring this recipe to the table. It will keep your guests full and happy this Thanksgiving and with this worthy salad you will have cranberries on the table, just not in canned form!

Let us know if this festive salad makes it on your Thanksgiving table! We would love to hear from you!