Recommended Warm Up (10 Minutes):

400m Run

3 Rounds:

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

25 Double Unders


With a Partner, For Time:

100 Double Unders (Each)

100 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

100 Ring Push Ups

100 Double Unders (Each)

100 Ring Push Ups

100 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

100 Double Unders (Each)


25 Minute Time Cap


*Both partners do 100 double unders each time.  Break up the pull ups and push ups.  Work on good, quality reps even if you have to break them into smaller sets.  For the ring push ups, hang rings on a pull up bar and have them hang 2 inches above the ground.  These are challenging!  If you don’t have a good setup for this, you can do push ups on paralettes, or hands on 2 plates to get just a touch more range of motion.  More scaling options below:


Scaling Options:

Ring Push Ups or Push Ups or Incline Push Ups (hands on a bench or box)

CTB Pull Ups or Pull Ups or Banded Pull Ups or Inverted or ring rows

Double Unders or 2:00 of Double Unders or 200 Single Unders



Air Squats

*Do this with the last 5 minutes of class.   :20 ON/ :10 OFF x 8 Rounds.  Your score is your total number of air squats.  Break parallel and lockout at the top of the rep.  Keep track of your score, we will do something similar later in the month.


Skill Work