1:00 bike

15 air squats

1:00 bike

:45 plank hold

1:00 bike

10 single leg deadlifts each leg (1kb)


12min AMRAP:

20 ab mat sit-ups

max reps deadlift (225/155)

Do this workout with a partner. One person is doing the sit-ups while the other is doing as many reps of deadlifts as possible. Rotate on the sit-ups. Pick a weight on the deadlifts that you can at least continue to hold sets of 5 reps at a time.


Every :20 for 5 minutes:

1 hang squat clean @ 55% of IRM

5 minute rest

Every :30 for 5 minutes

1 hang squat clean @ 80% of IRM

The first 5 minutes should be technique work here and get you nice and warm for the second 5 minutes. The goal for the second 5 minutes is to make all your reps look just as good as the first 5 minutes. Focus on a strong pull and catching the bar under tension.

Skill Work