Recommended Warm Up (15 Minutes):

-Go Over Kettlebell Snatch-


2 Rounds:

:90 Second Bike Erg

6 Kettlebell Snatch Each Arm

6 Strict Pull Ups


10 Single Leg Deadlifts each leg (kettlebell)


4 Rounds for Time:

1,000m/800m Bike

12 Kettlebell Snatch Each Arm (70/53#)

6 Muscle Ups


Time Cap = 20 Minutes


*The Kettlebell Snatches are EACH ARM (24 total).  Pick a weight for those so you can do 12 unbroken per arm.  All 12 on the right and then all 12 on the left.  If you don’t have bike ergs, you can run 400m!


Scaling Options:

6 Muscle Ups or 12 Pull Ups or 12 Banded Pull Ups or Inverted Rows


Tempo Deadlifts (15 Minutes)

3 x 3 @ 65-70% of 1RM


*Get 3-4 warm up sets.  The 3 x 3 should all be at the same weight.  This is a good way to build some strength but not wreck yourself with heavy, heavy weight.  This should be 4-5 seconds on the way down.  Focus on staying under tension but breathing at the same time.

Skill Work