2 rounds

:30 row

:20 handstand hold

:10 goblet squat (:10 down, :10 up)

*then drop KB and do 10 air squats


With a partner, for time:

100/80 calorie row

50 strict handstand push ups

150 wall ball (20/14)

50 strict handstand push ups

100/80 calorie row

*the scale for the SHSPU is strict press with a barbell (95/65, or something you can do 5-10 reps with)

One person works while the other rests for this workout.


max reps strict pull-ups (10-15min)

(if you cannot do a strict pull-up, use a band and do at least 5 reps)


max reps weighted pull-ups (10min)


Skill Work