Recommended Warm Up (10 Minutes):

1:00 Row

1:00 Ski

1:00 Bike



*Pick 4-5 Dynamic Stretches to go through as a group


4 Minute Row

4 Minute Bike

4 Minute Ski

2 Minute Rest


3 Minute Row

3 Minute Bike

3 Minute Ski

2 Minute Rest

2 Minute Row

2 Minute Bike

2 Minute Ski

2 Minute Rest

1 Minute Row

1 Minute Bike

1 Minute Ski


*This takes about 40 minutes!  Work on pacing here.  Try to drop your pace by 1-2 Seconds/500m per round.  You can have athletes start on different machines and just alternate in the order the workout dictates.  If you do not have some of these machines, you can assault bike or run!  For the run, you can run out 2 minutes and then run back for the 4 minute interval and so forth.


Skill Work