Recommended Warm Up (10 Minutes):

200m Run

5 Inchworms + 2 Push Ups

200m Run

10 Shoulder Rolls (pvc)

200m Run

10 Muscle Clean and Strict Press (barbell)


15 Minute AMRAP, With a Partner:

100 Ab Mat Sit Ups (each!)

30 Power Clean and Jerks (135/95#)

30 Power Clean and Jerks (185/125#)

Max Reps Power Clean and Jerks (225/155#)


*Complete with a partner!  BOTH of you EACH complete the 100 sit ups at the same time then move on and split up the clean and jerks however you want.  The goal is max reps at the third barbell.  Pick 3 weights you can work together with your partner, but increase weight a little after each 30 reps.


10 Minute EMOM:

1 Hang Clean + Clean @ 70% of 1RM


*Do this at 70% of your max Clean.  These are all SQUAT CLEANS! Drop the bar between reps.  Get 20 strong reps in today!

Skill Work