Recommended Warm Up (20 Minutes):


On a Rower:

8 Minutes Total

4 Minutes @ 18 Strokes Per Minute

2 Minutes @ 22 Strokes Per Minute

2 Minutes @ 24 Strokes Per Minute



1:00 Couch Stretch Each Leg

1:00 Pigeon Each Leg

1:00 Twisted Cross Each arm


8 Minute AMRAP:

200 run

5 Power Snatch (115/75#)


Rest 4 Minutes


8 Minute AMRAP:

200/150m Row

30 Double Unders


*Treat this workout however you want depending on what your plans for the open workout is.  If you just want to move around, great, and if you want to make this a hard workout, them move fast on the machines! The power snatches should be touch and go.


Scaling Options:

30 Double Unders or :30 of Double Under Practice or 60 Single Unders



Skill Work