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NEW IRMO LOCATION! 3541 Dreher Shoals Rd. in the Ballentine Business Park


25 calorie bike or row

10 air squats

10 push ups

10 power cleans (empty bar)


“The Chief… Kind of”

4 rounds:

3 minute AMRAP:

3 power cleans (135/95)

6 push ups

9 air squats

Rest 1 minute

3 minute AMRAP:

Max calories on bike or row

Rest 1 minute

This is 32 minutes total. Do this workout with a partner. One person is on the bike or row for 3 minutes while the other is on the AMRAP for 3 minutes. Rest 1 minute and then flip flop. The cleans should be fast singles or touch and go. Score is your total calories in a team of 2 and your total rounds of the 3-6-9.


Skill Work