Recommended Warm Up (10 Minutes):

2 Rounds:

1:00 Row

10 Push Ups

15 Second Hold Hanging from Pull Up Bar (Active Position)


For Time:

60/50 Calorie Row

50 Toes to Bar

40 Wall Ball (20/14#)

30 Power Cleans (135/95#)

20 Muscle Ups


*14 Minute Time Cap


*Stagger the start by 4-5 minutes if needed.  This was an old open workout that we are retesting.  Although, this is not an AMRAP today.  If you finish one round, you’re done!

Scaling Options:

Toes to Bar or Knees to Chest or V-Ups

Muscle Ups or Burpee Pull Ups


Bench Press (20 Minutes)

6×2 @ 85% of 1RM


*Do a 10 second Pull Up hold at the Top and bottom of the rep (Hang, and Chin over bar) between each set!  Build some strength in those 2 positions. Should be 10 seconds at the bottom AND 10 seconds at the top.  Bench press should all be at the same weight.

Skill Work