Recommended Warm Up (15 Minutes):

5 Minute Jog

4 x strides

Calf stretch, leg swings, hamstring stretch…


Run 1 Minute OUT at 5k pace, mark your spot.  You will use this spot for your workout.



Every 5:00 x 7 Rounds (MAX of 7 rounds, or until you cannot complete)

Run to mark and back

20/16 Calories Row


*Rest until the clock hits 5:00, then go for round 2, but this time complete 25/20 Calories, round 3 complete 30/24 calories… continue this way until you are in round 7 with 50/40 calories.  If you fail to complete the calories in the 5:00 allowed, your workout is done.  See how far you can make it! If the clock catches you, make it an AMRAP for the rest of the 35 minutes.


Skill Work