Recommended Warm Up (10 Minutes):

2 Rounds:

90 Second Bike

10 Shoulder Rolls (pvc)

10 Push Ups

5 Strict Pull Ups



Bike Erg (20 minutes total)

5 Rounds

0:10 seconds Hard

0:50 seconds Easy

5 Rounds

0:20 seconds Hard

0:40 seconds Easy

5 Rounds

0:30 seconds Hard

0:30 seconds Easy

5 Rounds

0:40 seconds Hard

0:20 seconds Easy


Bench Press (20 Minutes)


*Do these all at the same weight.  Go heavy today.  Do 3 Weighted Strict Pull Ups after each set. If you can do weighted, pick a challenging band or bodyweight may be enough!

Dumbbell Floor Press

3 x Max Reps (10-15 Reps)

*This is basically a dumbbell bench press but on the floor.  Pick a moderate to heavy weight and do 3 sets of max reps.  Control the dumbbells on the way down each rep.  Rest no more than 2 minutes after each set.

Skill Work