:90 Row (1:00 Easy, :30 Hard)

20 Air Squats

:90 Row (1:00 Easy, :30 Hard)

:30 Banded Front Rach Stretch each arm


6 Rounds for Time:

300/250m Row

8 Dumbbell Thrusters

7 Strict Weighted Pull Ups (50/35#)


*Rest :30 after each round or alternate in a team of 3 on the row.  Waterfall the start.  There is no Rx Weight on the thrusters, but I want you to go as heavy as you can while staying unbroken.  Pick whatever is challenging for strict pull ups.  Banded, Normal Strict, or Weighted Strict.  But I want everyone pulling in the vertical plane.  Try not to do rows today!


Front Squat (20 Minutes)

3 x 1 @ 90% of 1RM


*Go off of your new 1RM!  Just because the movement of the month is over, doesn’t mean we aren’t front squatting anymore.  You should feel strong here.  3 Strong singles all at the same weight.

Skill Work