Recommended Warm Up (15 Minutes):

Work on “Pose Running” with your classes today.  Below is a good video for some drills you can do in your class:


4 Rounds for Quality:

3 Strict Handstand Push Ups

4 Bench Press

5 Double Dumbbell Seated Strict Press

6 Strict Pull Ups

Rest 2 Minutes


You can alternate rounds with a partner, but this is for QUALITY!  For the 3 Strict HSPU, you can do 3 Negative HSPU and try to control the decent for 3-5 seconds.  If you can’t kick up on the wall yet, do 6 PERFECT Push Ups.  For the bench press and strict press, pick a weight you can go unbroken every set.  The pull ups should be an unbroken set of 6 so use a band if you need.  If you’re really good at strict pull ups, you can do them weighted.


5 x 400m Run @ 80% Effort

Rest 1 Minute after each run


*Work on your pose running and striking the ground with the ball of your foot.  Don’t redline on your first run.

Skill Work