Recommended Warm Up (10 Minutes):

Stretch as a Class

*Shoulders, Lats, Wrists, Hips


15 Minute AMRAP:

Buy In:

1,000m Run

With Remaining Time, AMRAP:


Power Snatch (135/95#)


15 Sit Ups after each round

*Athletes should have 8-10 Minutes to work on the ladder.  Add 1 Rep each round.  15 sit ups to finish each round.  Power Snatches should just me fast singles.  Pick your weight accordingly.


10 Minute EMOM:

5 Muscle Ups

*Pick either Muscle Ups, Chest to bar Pull ups or Pull Ups to work on for this EMOM.  Each Minute you should hit 1-2 good sets for your movement you are working on.  Spend some time before this going over each of the movements.

Scaling Options

5 Muscle Ups  10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups  10 Pull Ups (band if needed)

Skill Work