Recommended Warm Up (15 Minutes):

1:00 ON/ 1:00 off x 4 sets on bike or rower

*Put a good effort in, get sweating.


With an empty barbell:

-20 Air Squats (pause the first 10)

-10 Strict Press with pause at the top

-10 Front Squats

-10 Split Jerks no barbell

-10 Split jerks with the barbell



3 Rounds for Time:

15 Thrusters (115/75#)

30 Toes to Bar


15 Minute Time Cap


*Scale the thruster weight so that a round doesn’t take more than 2 sets.  Try to breathe at the top of each rep.  Chip away at the toes to bar.


Scaling Options:

Toes to Bar or Knees to Chest or Ab Mat Sit Ups


3 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk



*Work up to a heavy set of this.  Really focus on the final split jerk after the 3 cleans.  Drop the bar after each rep.  Try to make all 3 cleans look the same!

Skill Work