Recommended Warm Up (15 Minutes):

:90 Bike

7 Air Squats with your heels on a PVC,

7 Air Squats (Normal)

7 Air Squats with your toes on a PVC

:90 Bike

10 Wall Squats

-Stretch- Hips, Calves, 



For Time:


Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch (135/95#)

Time Cap = 12 Minutes

*Scale accordingly to finish under the time cap.  Shorter workout, high intensity.  The snatches should be fast singles.  Scaling for muscle ups is below. 

Scaling Options:

1 Muscle Ups  2 Pull Ups + 2 Push Ups  1 Pull Up + 1 Push Up


Back Squat (25 Minutes)

10 x 2 @ 75-80% of 1RM

*Use the same weight as last week but do these EMOM!  Try and do these with no pause at the top of each rep!

Skill Work