Arena Assault WOD 3 Demonstration

See the video demonstration and movement standards for WOD 3 for the Arena Assault’s CrossFit Competition at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena on October 1.

WOD 3 – 12 min. time cap to complete

80 Box Jumps (24/20)

80 Wall Balls (20/16)

80 Frog Leg Sit-ups

80 Sandbag Cleans (50)

Reps may be split between partners in any manner.  Both athletes must complete at least one rep of each movement.

The competition is a partnered event consisting of 3-judged workouts that have all been released, with a special tie breaker workout if necessary. All exercises and movements are common practices within every able-bodied athlete’s capabilities. This is a fundraiser event with 50% of the proceeds donated to the Columbia Firefighters Association Local 793.

Test your training and support our local heroes.  Arena Assault is just a few days away! If you have not already registered, click here and get you and your teammate registered. Space is limited.