What is #CAAGoals?

Matt Vaddi Bar Mucle Up

What is #CAAGoals? It’s goals our members want to achieve at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena and helps them become a better “YOU”.

#CAAGoals written on the whiteboard are a daily reminder of our member’s goals and it hold them accountable for achieving them. Performing a first muscle up, getting the mechanics of the snatch movement down, losing weight & building strength, and performing double unders are just a few goals our members want to achieve. Hard work, consistency and dedication can lead to a better “YOU” and can make these goals become real, not just an idea that never comes to fruition.

Becoming a better “YOU”  takes time and dedication. Coming in before tackling the CrossFit programming to work on #CAAGoals or setting aside time for training is important and can lead to success. Also, collaborating with one of the CAA coaches for a goal-setting effort will result in improvement. CAA coaches have our member’s best interest at heart and can provide guidance and encouragement along their journey to success.

Losing weight & building strength can take time. Mastering the mechanics of the snatch movement will not happen overnight. Progress happens in steps and may require patience, but improvement is the first step in achieving #CAAGoals.

Matt achieved a #CAAGoal this week by doing his first bar muscle up. His hard work, consistency and dedication made his goal become a reality. Congratulations, Matt! We celebrate your victory with you and are exciting to see improvements and your success.