We Appreciate School Teachers!

CrossFit Athlete’s Arena appreciates school teachers and what they do for our children. Unlike many careers, teaching is well understood. We have all attended school and interacted with teachers. Even if you attended school 15 years ago, there is no question what teachers do. Not only do they have to be familiar with the diverse ways in which their students learn, they must be creative in preparing class assignments, grade homework, resolve conflict, inspire and prepare our children for what’s to come later in school and life and work with families and the community in order to navigate the difficult world of interpersonal relationships.

We can all agree that a career in teaching is as demanding and professional as some of the most prestigious careers.

It’s because of school teacher’s hard work and dedication that we are offering CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s monthly programming for just $100 to anyone who is a school teacher.

Sometimes we forget to stop and thank the people who do the most for us, our children and the community. We appreciate our school teachers and thank them for their commitment to enrich our children’s learning experience so they are ready for anything.

If you are a school teacher and would like to learn more about this special offer, contact 803.750.9036 or email info@AthletesArena.com.

Come in and give CrossFit a try! We want to show our appreciation for all you do and assist you in getting fit and healthy or taking your fitness to the next level!