Way Behind on Posting PRs!

Thumbs Up Crowd

Yes, we have been super busy at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena and have gotten way behind on posting personal records. We have had an astounding past several weeks of PRs at CAA and we are very proud of our members. Even with the holidays, our members stuck with their training and recorded PRs. Nothing gets us more fired up than a member hitting a new Personal Record!

Sarah – Back Squat 85lbs

Bryson – Muscle Ups (2) – very excited for this young man!

Bryson – Power Snatch 95lbs

Holli – Power Clean – 85lbs

Amanda – OHS 95lbs

Monica – Back Squat 150lbs – she is always breaking a PR!

Bryson – Back Squat 185lbs

Ben – Back Squat 335lbs – WOW!

Ben – Front Squat 225lbs (3)

Kristen – Power Clean 65 lbs – Awesome job!

Erik – Power Clean 215lbs (2)

Next time you see these members, give them a thumbs up! Encourage them to continue working hard!