Thank you, Jeffrey!

As most of you have heard by now, Jeffrey’s last day at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena is today, and because it’s his last day he has something special planned for our members. The “Jeffy”.

The “Jeffy” (appropriately named) will leave a lasting impression with all of our members as it is deemed one of the toughest workouts the whiteboard has seen! Sweat, sweat, and more sweat! It has all of the movements our members love – burpee box jumps, T2B, and wall balls, along with plenty of cleans!

Jeffrey has been a huge part of our community and has been a major influence shaping and molding our CrossFitters to the beasts they are today. To hear Jeffrey say “You’re crushing it!” is a great feeling. Thank you, Jeffrey, for being a part of our member’s CrossFit journey.

As a CAA sendoff, make sure and give Jeffrey a fist pump, a hug, a butt slap, and wish him good luck today! Let him know you will “keep crushing it”.

We would like to thank Jeffrey for being such a  great and valuable member of our coaching staff here at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena.  We are super excited about his upcoming wedding to Amy. We will miss Jeffrey and wish the best for him and much success.