Staying Fit Matters

Brian 425 Deadlift

Staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle are just a few of the defenses against having a stroke. Just ask Brian Hardy.

As our members know, Brian had a stroke in November 2015. His doctors told him and his wife one of the reasons Brian survived the stroke was because of his physical condition at the time of his stroke. He was a lean, mean CrossFitting beast.

After being released from his doctors to begin strength training again, Brian came back to CAA and worked harder than ever to regain his strength. He was cautious, but he was lifting with a fury.  His hard work and patience paid off as his numbers began to crawl upwards.

Brian and his partner, DeAngleo aka “DMack” are training for the Beast Mode Games CrossFit competition in Greenville this month. Brian’s recent 425lb deadlift shows just how far he has come in his strength training and how determined he is to do well at the upcoming competition.

Best of luck to you and your partner, Brian. We are cheering for you two and the rest of our participating CAA family members. Win BIG at #BMG2017!