Sorinex CMB Have Arrived!

Yes, Sorinex’s Center Mass Bells have arrived at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena! They were picked up last week from Sorinex and we are excited to have all of our CrossFitters give them a try!

Sorinex, known for its innovation, proves to be the best in the fitness industry with the production of the Center Mass Bells. Our CrossFit members love this veritable and indestructible piece of equipment because they can be used with one hand or two, or used as pairs. On Saturday, one of our members and Coach Kimberly were feeling inspired to be challenged and picked up a 50lbs. CMB and performed goblet squats! Where they challenging? Yes, they were! Where they fun? You betcha!

Try them out. We have 20lbs., 35lbs., and 50lbs. CMBs for you to try!

Let us know what you think of them compared to a kettlebell or dumbbell. Coach Jeffrey loves the CMBs!

Center Mass Bells Arrived II