Skill Sessions at CrossFit Athlete's Arena – What Movement Are You Struggling With?

You may have been one of the lucky CAA members who was able to participate in an impromptu skills session earlier this week with Coach Jeffrey and Coach Shane. It was all about Power Clean Progression.

These skills sessions will help you perform the movement to a better degree (form, reps and strength) or help you get more comfortable with the movement. It will also give the Coaches at CAA a chance to review your form and technique and make any corrections necessary to prevent possible injury and to improve your movement pattern.

We would like to know what skill session you would like to see CrossFit Athlete’s Arena host next. Is it muscle ups, pull-ups (kippling or dead hang), or another Olympic lift?

Let us know what movement you are struggling with so we can begin planning our next skills session, and in case you missed the last skills session we have reposted here for your viewing pleasure! Make sure and check out Coach Shane’s demonstration at the end of the video! It’s priceless!