Savannah McCaskill Named All-SEC

CrossFit Athlete’s Arena is very proud of our member Savannah McCaskill, South Carolina Gamecock Women’s Soccer midfielder, as she has earned first-team All-SEC honors!

Savannah is the Gamecock’s leading scorer and ranks among the top SEC players in several offensive categories.

When Savannah is not on the field, she trains at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena and she trains HARD! She spends hours on the field practicing to improve her soccer skills but she understands the importance of training  off the field too. We all know today’s competitive play is increasing. The stronger your body, the less prone you are to injury and the quicker and more explosive you will be able to play the sport.

We see Savannah’s dedication on the field and off the field has paid off as she was once again named All-SEC.

Congratulations, Savannah! We look forward to seeing you in CrossFit Athlete’s Arena soon!