Rachel – The Powerhouse


This month we celebrate a member who doesn’t let anything stop her from reaching her goals. She brings a willingness to learn and to improve each week to the gym. This month, we celebrate Rachel as CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s Member of the Month!

This amazing powerhouse is as tough as nails. Just to prove she is, how many of our members remember the Spartan Race Rachel participated in where, while running the course, she felt her shoes were slowing her down so she took them off and ran the rest of the course barefoot? She was determined to finish the race with her teammates as a unified team, capable of overcoming the most difficult of objectives!

You will often find Rachel in the afternoon hours working out with the 5pm crew. Rachel  is dedicated, positive and willing to set measurable goals and then work hard to achieve them. She is instrumental in cultivating a great community here at CAA and she is a joy to coach! We all love her competiveness and appreciate her hard work.

Keep up the hard work, Rachel, and congratulations on being CAA’s May 2016 Member of the Month!