A workout that makes you feel good and is never boring.

CrossFit is not just a workout

We're a Community.

Crossfit Athlete's Arena - Team Murph

Our community will motivate you to do your best to build your strength and confidence.

Walking into a CrossFit gym may be intimidating at first, but don't let that stop you. When you walk into CrossFit Athlete's Arena you will find an environment where you can meet people who support you through the most challenging workouts. In CrossFit, no man or woman is left behind. Our members are a strong supportive community. They will motive you. They will cheer you on and celebrate your performance and personal best. A CrossFit community is what CrossFit is all about we have the best community in town.

You'll find nothing boring about a CrossFit workout. It incorporates elements of gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting, and circuit training. Each WOD (workout of the day) is 25-40 minutes and is split into two parts; a strength part focusing on conditioning and a faster-paced or cardio part with high repetition and intensity. All movements are adaptable to your individual level of fitness and ability. Our CrossFit community consist of members of all ages and fitness levels - anyone can do CrossFit. Join our Crossfit gym and find out just how strong you are!

Benefits of Crossfit

Some people think the best way to get in shape is to go for a run, but that doesn't help build bone mass among young people or preserve it in older adults. Lifting weights strengthens muscles and makes bones stronger. For those of you who crave aerobic work, CrossFit not only incorporates lifting weights in a workout, it also includes aerobic work (rowing, biking & running) to raise the heart rate and burn more calories and fat. If you have a gym membership and run on the treadmill and perform your usual leisurely circuit around the same machines time and time again that is NOT going to compete with the intensity of a CrossFit workout.

Why CrossFit is better than your average gym workout?

  • It provides aerobic cardiovascular benefits for all ages and fitness abilities.
  • It increases muscle strength and improves muscle tone.
  • It includes a variety of exercises to achieve well-rounded fitness, and eliminate boredom.
  • It incorporates competition, both with yourself and your community to push yourself to more than you thought you could achieve.
  • It's definitely more fun than running on a treadmill!


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