Lady AA CrossFitters Compete Saturday

Kelly & Sarah Deadlift

CrossFit Athlete’s Arena would like to wish Amanda, Holli, Kelly and her partner, Sarah, “Good Luck” as they compete in the Clash of the Amazons this Saturday, June 24 at CrossFit Optimize’s downtown location.

Amanda is not a newcomer to the Clash of the Amazons and performed very well at the competition in the past years. After they all competed in the Beast Mode Games in Greenville earlier this year, these ladies decided to dip their toes into the waters of competing again and signed up for more fun.

Our AA ladies have been training hard for this competition. They have pushed themselves during training and performed PRs on some of the movements they are expected to perform in the competition. They will have a strength complex, some rowing, a weighted run, lots of wall balls and box jumps, cleans, thrusters and, of course, everyone’s favorite Oly lift – the snatch.

Good luck and have fun, ladies!