Kristen is our May 2017 Member of the Month

September Member of the MonthKristen Fuller

We are pleased to announce Kristen Fuller as our May 2017 Member of the Month!

One of our OG CrossFitters, Kristen has been with CrossFit Athlete’s Arena since 2013. Over the last three years, we have turned Kristen from a barbell-fearing endurance junky into a savage weightlifting fire breather. Kristen is a stellar example of someone who overcomes their fears headfirst. Even after bad experiences with box jumps and barbells, Kristen’s philosophy has been to never give up.

Kristen is a long-time English teacher turned administrator, and she is known to write prose of various sorts herself. When she’s not reading or working out, Kristen likes to stir up controversy; I have on good source that she is notorious amongst friends and family for picking food off their plates!

Thanks Kristen for being a part of our CAA community and our 2017 May Member of the Month.