What you need for your first CrossFit workout


If you are new to CrossFit, here’s a few tips to prepare you for your first CrossFit class or, if you have signed up for the Ladies Only Class at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena beginning on August 26, your first session with Coach Haley.

What to wear.

Good news! You don’t need special clothing or gear to start CrossFit. Wear comfortable sneakers, a sports bra and regular workout clothes that you feel comfortable moving in. Avoid wearing baggy shirts and pants as they may get caught on barbells and other equipment during your workout.

What to bring.

CAA provides towels and access to a water fountain. Bring a water bottle and fill up before class begins. CAA has all the equipment necessary to get a great workout.

What to expect.

Each class is about an hour long. You will be walked through warm-up exercises as a group before beginning a workout. If you have signed up for the Ladies Only Class, in your first class you will be introduced to CrossFit. Then Coach Haley will spend time demonstrating and walking you through how to properly perform a squat and push press. Each session during the 4-weeks, you will learn new movements and perform a short workout with the movements learned during the session. After the workout, make sure and take a few minutes to stretch.

We are excited to be hosting a Ladies Only CrossFit Class. We love our community at CAA and hope that you will find CrossFit to be an incredible and enjoyable fitness journey. If you have never been involved in CrossFit or weightlifting, you will find out just how strong you can be and how powerful and amazing your body is.