CrossFit Results for Women

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The benefits of CrossFit for women tend to be overshadowed by men who have large, bulky bicep muscles and massive, muscular thighs. Most women do not want to achieve this look, but you can lift weights and still look like a woman, and not a linebacker. Just ask Reagan.

Reagan started CrossFit July 1, 2018. With CrossFit, she is able to track her performance and progress and, within a few short weeks of beginning her CrossFit journey, she began feeling stronger. She finds CrossFit challenging and is constantly surprised with her growing strength and endurance as she discovers what she is capable of doing. She pushes herself each and every workout.

Over the course of a year, Reagan has seen the development of muscle tone and strength. She started out deadlifting 155lbs, and now she can pull 205lbs. While Reagan has gained 10lbs she has stayed a size 0-2 with real sweat, real effort and CrossFit. What does this translate into? Building muscle. Not only does Reagan see the benefits of strength training in the mirror, she can feel them when performing every day life activities.

Will you begin to look like a linebacker if you do CrossFit? Not if that’s not the look you are going for. Just ask Reagan!

For more information on CAA’s CrossFit program, contact Shane Miller (certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer) at or 803.629-1179.