CrossFit For Teens

CrossFit for Teens at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena is designed for ages 13-18 years old and will challenge your Teen in the area of strength, balance, agility, coordination, speed and endurance stressing technique and coordination movements in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

CrossFit Teen is a scaled down version of Crossfit and is designed to teach your Teen movement mechanics and the elements of strength and conditioning. Our CrossFit certified coaching staff will provide expert instruction on how to Deadlift, Olympic lift and go through the Squat series in a safe and effective way and, until your Teen demonstrates proper and safe form, all exercise will be done without weights. They will also run, jump, push, pull, climb, carry, lift and throw. Your Teen will never get bored because no two workouts are the same!

Our CrossFit for Teens program will also help your teen develop lifelong health and fitness habits, as well as personal confidence. Yes, the goals of our program are not just physical, but social and emotional as well. Your Teen will learn to collaborate with each other, support each other, create goals and work towards them. We want to help your Teen avoid common problems associated with childhood inactivity and obesity and get them moving in a fun and supportive environment.

Plus, improvements in the gym translate directly to better performance in the sports your Teen loves to play!

Your teen should where tennis shoes, flexible clothing and bring a water bottle. Leave the rest to us!

For more information on our CrossFit for Teens program, contact Coach Shane Miller at 803.629.1179 or email