Carr is our October 2016 Member of the Month


One of the qualities we find in every Member of the Month is commitment – “The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

There is no doubt that our October 2016 Member of the Month shows commitment. While Carr took a short break, since his return to CrossFit Athlete’s Arena he has shown up just about every morning to prove his dedication and that he is committed to his health and fitness. He is consistently showing improvement. His motivation and enthusiasm is uplifting and he inspires members with each and every workout. Carr has come a long way in his fitness journey here at CAA and we are proud of him.

Please take time to congratulate Carr the next time you see him in the gym. We appreciate his commitment to fitness and health and it shows – he’s coming back stronger than ever!

Keep up the good work, Carr.