Are you missing the plank?


Are you missing the plank? Coach Jeffrey made the plank the ending exercise to a great workout each and every day, and our members at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena were up to 5 minutes!

Yes, the plank is harder than it looks! However, it’s worth the pain because the benefits of doing the plank for even 1 minute outweighs the pain while doing this exercise! Beware – you will become sweaty when doing the plank!

The plank is one of the best ways to tone your abs and increase your core strength. You can perform the plank anywhere – at home, in the gym, and you can even take a few minutes to sneak in the plank at the office! The plank works muscles in your abs, back, legs, arms and rear too! Yes, the plank is worth the pain and, when possible, should be incorporated into your workout routine!

Just because Coach Jeffrey is not making our CrossFit members do the plank prior to leaving the gym anymore, don’t forget the advantages of doing it on your own! Take time to get a plank in every day and incorporate into your workout and you will see the benefits and results!