A Vegan Tort That Looks Fantastically Delicious

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we thought we would start sharing a few recipes to get you started on planning your Thanksgiving feast or, in the event you are not hosting this year’s festivities, a dish you can take.

Chances are if you are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving feast you will have one guest who is a Vegan. We have several CrossFit Members at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena who have made the switch to a Vegan diet for either ethical or health reasons so we are going to start by posting a recipe for our Vegan CrossFitters.

This vegan tort recipe caught our attention. It’s looks festive, healthy and fantastically delicious! It looks so fantastically delicious that we think it will satisfy both vegans and carnivores alike.

If you do serve this dish at Thanksgiving this year, let us know how tasty it was! We would love to hear your comments!