March Member of the Month – Amanda

Amanda Power Clean

The member of the month spotlight falls on Amanda! She has been chosen as CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s Member of the Month for March 2016!

Amanda continually pushes herself and encourages those around her. More than that, Amanda is showing her son Bryson that being fit and healthy should be a priority and encouraging him to participate in CrossFit. We love when family workout together because it makes our CrossFit community that much stronger!

Although Amanda is a quiet person, her presence in the gym is felt by everyone because of her determination and leadership. She has made progress over the last few months by topping her personal records in the push press, snatch and the total prior to the Open. Amanda is always striving to improve her strength and stamina, no matter if she is facing a terrifying WOD, gasping for air, praying for the last rep to come quickly, or setting new PR’s. As coaches, we get excited to see a CrossFitter progress as much as Amanda has! She is an inspiration to our community with her dedication and hard work and she brightens the morning times with positivity.

At CAA, we truly value our community. We continue to strive to make CAA the best CrossFit gym in the Midland’s and having members like Amanda makes it easier to achieve this goal. Amanda is strong, head to toe, and she and all of our other members are committed to improving their health and fitness. We appreciate the hard work each and every one of them put in at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena! 

Congratulations Amanda for being CrossFit Athlete’s Arena’s March 2016 Member of the Month! You set the perfect example for the way dedication and commitment can lead to results!