Proud of our Young Adult CrossFitters


We are so proud of all our young adult Crossfitters at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena. It’s our belief that reaching young athletes will help them develop a lifelong desire for fitness and health that will stay with them into adulthood. Many of our young CrossFitters come with their moms or dads which fosters bonds and leads to a firm foundation for strong family relationships.

One of our young adult CrossFitters is Madison. She normally spends her mornings working out with her dad. Madison attends the 5:30AM CrossFit class and then heads off to school. She even wakes up early on Saturdays to come in to tackle the partnered WOD. She shows up with a smile and puts in hard work and sweat each and every workout. She’s not scared of a challenge. Her commitment is real and her strength gains are showing. We could not be more proud of her. A huge “thanks” to her dad, Brian, for getting her to the gym and working out with her.

We have many more young adult CrossFitters who are just as committed as Madison, and we watch with excitement as these young athletes grow in their knowledge of the fundamentals of CrossFit. Coaching them to be better athletes and helping them to have a better understanding of fitness and nutrition is our passion at CAA.

If you are interested in becoming stronger, happier and healthier and helping your family build strong family relationships, give us a call at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena. We would love to have you become a part of our CrossFit community.