2016 CrossFit Games

The Open

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games are around the corner and our CrossFit members have been performing a conditioning program in anticipation of the Games.

Open registration for the Games begins January 14 and the Open begins in 5 short weeks. The Games “may push you to learn a new skill, improve the skills you already have or go into a darker place than you’ve ever been before.” Sounds like fun, right?

So, get back to the grind and train hard for the Games! Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, work on your mobility and don’t forget about proper recovery. Work on the areas where you have weaknesses and inconsistencies and remember you can turn to our expert coaching staff at CrossFit Athlete’s Arena for assistance. Our coaches can help you with your technique and skills, and will encourage you and help you push your boundaries.

Now, get back to the grind and keep your eyes focused on the prize and have FUN doing it!